story of eve

Her hungry cat nagging at her feet, Eve applies lipstick in her bathroom mirror before getting dressed for work

During rush hour after polishing off her ice coffee from Slave to the Grind, she applies lipstick in her tropical turquoise classic Mustang, which carries a few dings but is in otherwise impressive shape

Restless, Eve applies lipstick in her cubicle at work just before leaving for lunch, using a mini heart-shaped mirror she keeps in her desk drawer

Having RSVP’d to attend a colleague’s birthday party after her shift, she applies lipstick in the back seat while carpooling to the get-together with two other employees

Later, sruggling for a spot near the mirror in the bustling ladies room, Eve applies lipstick after two glasses of imported champagne and a strawberry margarita inside the crowded pub

Night having fallen hours ago, Eve applies lipstick for the second-to-last time that day while being driven home by her office crush

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