Something about everything

something about rain coming down
in summer something about walking
along Main Street at dusk or dawn
something about the perfect kiss
your unexpected lover’s wanderlust lips
etc. something about making a pass
at whoever is beautiful
or looks like they mean trouble
something about cafe tables with coffee
or cocktails beneath an ornate constellation
or two or maybe something about
a violin player or a serenade
or a canoe ride through Venice
streets or a foreigner buying
you a drink or swapping numbers
with you at un aéroport or
something about someone coming
back for you or about an encounter
with cupid at the checkout
counter or perhaps something about
french toast or the sun setting
or rising as you’re finally heading
home or something about a follow-up
phone call, text or friend request
on Facebook or something
about just about anything
that is here and gone
before you know it
so we best take note

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