The maid next door

: Random Letters Series :


OMG…The maid (the one with that big bun on her head) must have been pleasuring herself in the empty apartment next door this morning. Seriously!! I heard her thrashing about in the tub! At first I thought she was just scrubbing it to get it ready for the incoming tenants, but then I heard her making noises like she was having sex. I doubt I’m imaging things because that bathroom is RIGHT next door to mine. (I heard it while I was tweezing my eyebrows.)

The German woman who just moved out used to do it in that tub, too, only she was more discreet about it. She most likely used a vibrator or something because I’d never heard her boyfriend with her, only some moaning (slowly building into climax.) But with the maid, I kept hearing what sounded like her whole body moving around, her skin making that muffled screeching sound against the tub surface and her limbs and bones making that thudding noise. You know that hollow-ish sound the tub makes?

Anyway, I just thought this was interesting being as only yesterday we mentioned to her that the German chick had the hots for her. What do you think?? 🙂


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