when twitter played cupid

I went to a tweetup once @ a pricey club on the las vegas strip with outdoor seating. a bunch of us social media strangers sat around drinking cocktails and talking tweets. one guy was fixed on growing his trove of followers. he bragged that he had a shitload and asked if i’d become part of his fold. instead i gave my loyal followship to this attractive girl in white denim shorts & a mid-rise shirt.

we kind of hit it off as far as friendliness and stuck close to each other at the club. she had a gambling problem but had no trouble convincing me to tag along while she hit the blackjack table at a nearby casino. i watched her play for a good hour, fielding come-ons from the men at the table in between card hits. she wound up winning $600 so we rented a room. we immediately called room service, ordered a plate of exorbitantly priced appetizers and a bottle of champagne. in the meantime, we raided the fridge & made rum & cokes. we shared a small bag of cheez-its

after we killed off the appetizers and chatted some more, we wound up sitting side by side on the bed. she said a few things about her divorce, & then our conversation sputtered, which led to our drunken kiss. which led to neck kissing, and then hair caressing. which led to her stopping abruptly and then of course me asking her to explain, and then her saying she liked only men. i said, “very belated profile information.”

too drunk to care, i headed back to the casino floor with her. after midnight, we parted ways but remained twitter friends for about two years. she flew into vegas on occasion from her home in portland and would pm me on twitter to give a heads up. we’d meet up for lunch or drinks during her gambling breaks. on her 36th birthday, we celebrated at a downtown casino, rented a room then slept together.

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