bare back

I was thinking about a woman i dated, the one i met online, whose back was what really attracted me initially. it was the first part of her anatomy i saw bare, & the image of it was posted on the website through which we met.

it was what she used as her profile pic, in fact. in it, she faced away from the camera & had her head down & off to the side, which placed more emphasis on the bones & curves of her slender back & the small tattoo of a star on her right shoulder. loud & clear, her christlike pose said, here is my body.

so i messaged her, saying i thought her pic was really sexy, & when she sent her reply, it turned out we had dated several times before but things had fizzled after a few weeks, perhaps because i had not known about her back & everything that it now communicated?

regardless, i explained to her that i wanted to pick up from where we left off, & she replied enthusiastically. we then agreed to meet up & have lunch at a place in her affluent neighborhood, & while we were eating our salads, we laid it bare on the table, discussing plans for the bedroom we’d head to immediately afterward in her tiny car.

she had a boyfriend with whom she had maintained an open relationship, & he lived in the place where we were to fuck, she said. did i want him in on this so we could have a threesome, she had asked, & i said no, emphatically. i said fuck. no. i wanted uninterrupted & exclusive access, i said.

so then it was just the two of us in their bedroom. & as we sat on the edge of the bed, before we even touched she mentioned she had garlicky breath from lunch, as if it would even be a concern. as. if.

what amazed me was that she was dressed so conservatively at the restaurant & was relatively reserved overall but after we kissed, her corporate blue blouse and black pleated slacks having been shed, she showed that she was anything but meek and in fact was genuinely feral but not ferocious — more like a cat all stirred up from multiple stimuli like a) my tongue skimming her back and then b) those bites on her shoulder blades & right where you can see those bulges of vertebrae along the nape of the neck

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