I see a near-constant stream of different women emerging from the apartment unit across from mine. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s a point of entry from a different dimension. Maybe the “women” are teleporting to that location for who knows what reason.

It’s a second-floor unit, and from my dining room window, I often spot them descending the stairs ambivalently into their new environment — just like aliens disembarking their ships via a deployed staircase after landing on a planetary port of call.

I notice the women are beautiful, too, and all have long hair — perhaps an attempt by the visiting species to model their intergalactic scouts after female Earthling archetypes, like Venus/Aphrodite.

I do know one thing for sure. They do not speak the language. They just nod and smile when I greet them or attempt small talk. I notice these women also seem to have an inexhaustible source of money, too, being as FedEx is frequently leaving packages near their doorstep from (they have a Prime membership.) For all I know, these FedEx people could in fact be their cohorts.

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