nosy cats & human sex

Cats notoriously assume they can paw or gnaw at anything that hangs or protrudes.

I can’t have sex while my cat is watching. I have to lock her out of my bedroom before things even get going. Tho she’ll nearly always scratch or push against the door or else start in with her meowing — maybe even break or rip something in another part of the house in retaliation. Just don’t let me hear it, is all I ask in those instances.

I can’t fuck really with a cat meowing, either. Same goes for when I masturbate. Sometimes I try to be assertive and order my cat to stop with the meows and go away already, but she rarely listens because she knows by the tone of my voice that I do not mean business. Which I don’t, really. At least not that kind of business. How can you be assertive with a pet when you are experiencing sexual pleasure? Please advise.

Another thing is that if my cat had access to my bedroom while I was “with” someone or just “with” myself, I shudder to think of her jumping up onto the bed and thinking that a certain body part or other is a toy. Cats notoriously assume they can paw or gnaw at anything that hangs or protrudes.

What also would suck would be her leaping onto the bed or engaging in whatever other antics just prior to someone climaxing. There is nothing worse than a missed orgasm. If you’ve ever missed a sneeze, you can just multiply that disappointment by maybe a few hundred or so. Maybe even a few thousand.

2 thoughts on “nosy cats & human sex

  1. This made me laugh a bit. I just had this picture of those cat paws under the door and feeling the cat say “Hey, what ya doing in there? What ya doing?” If only they could operate like a good roommate and acknowledge the sock on the door (or whatever signal you choose to use). Dogs are a little easier to deal with than cats. Cats have their own minds they work under regardless of what you tell them. You may have to stow your cat in another room with a toy or something to keep them occupied. I wish I had something better to tell you but cats are too stubborn and just don’t care in the end.

    Also, agreed on the missed climax. Those are the worst. You can try to get back to it and even may find something there, but it’s never the same.

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