secret stash of trinkets

I had a dark pink tutu but I trashed it with this chick named Maureen. It was really itchy but it did the trick. I have a dresser drawer for sex trinkets, & I classified the tutu as one of them, but it took up too much room because it was poofy. It was made of a fishnet-like fabric called tulle, which is very starchy, & I believe I bought it at Hot Topic, which is where I also got my collar for people to drag me around with. It’s pink & studded w/ translucent sequins. Pretty, but it did not come with a leash (I picked that up at a dog supplies outlet, but the color of the handle did not match exactly). The bunny ears & blue wig I got at Black Cat Outfits, & the devil horns w/ mini pitchfork I got at Target during Halloween season (along with cheap black lipstick). The rest I will have to keep private.

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