eyelashes fit for marlene

She held her Chablis and sipped over her double Ds during her solo lunch at the Vietnamese bistro, placing onto the rim of her glass her two lips plumped with Restylane then fluttering a set of eyelashes worthy of the iconic Marlene, who, coincidental to our little rhyming scheme, had her film debut in 1930.

To emulate the sultry Hollywood starlet, she had her lashes volumized, “creating a full feathered appearance,” states the website for the lounge where she had them pimped.

Volume lashes are soft and fine but can be dramatic if that is the desired look.

The upkeep costs her $75 biweekly, on top of the initial $150 fee. Obviously, she had the money.

“Fuck it,” I said to her. “They look pretty.”

She raised her hand for a high-five and said, “My thoughts exactly.”

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