stray feathers

I wonder if the city turned me against stray feathers

I do not like dream catchers; they give me the creeps

Tarred and feathered is not pleasant

A feather quill is a tie between semi-quaint and revolting

I feel like I want to sneeze in the presence of a feather boa

My ex owned pillows made with duck and goose feathers

They were lumpy when I slept on them — like bags of autumn bramble and some cotton

When my ex moved out, he took his down pillows

I saw a lot of stray feathers on the floor when he left

I wonder if his pillows had a hole or what

The feathers were powdery white like nuclear fallout and were small enough to be from a chick if it were a white chick

Stray feathers are creepy when there are several or many in one room or in any given area

They remind me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre

And the chicken market in my old New York City neighborhood, where the animals were slaughtered and sold

I also hate stray hairs in the tub and sink

It must be a thing about them being wet and slimy-looking

My ex’s stray hairs frequently turned up in the tub and sink after he moved out

Little curly things

All told it was a mild infestation

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