recollections & ruminations

When I was a child I chewed on deflated rubber balloons and sucked on wet washcloths in the tub, and yet, due to nausea, I could not bring myself to swallow the consecrated host during my first holy communion, instead smuggling it into my white patent leather clutch.

Having spent a good few seconds in my mouth, the wafer was mushy like cooked banana and ruined my floral-patterned rosary pouch.

According to various discussion forums and websites, including Yahoo! Answers, where a user named wassup asked, What happens if you throw up after having eaten a communion wafer?, the eucharist must be dissolved in water to be disposed of properly. But there are exceptions, says Legionary Father Edward McNamara at A Zenit Daily Dispatch:

If the mishap has occurred outside of a parish — for example, in a nursing home or hospital with no chapel — then it should be carefully wrapped in a purificator and brought to the parish for proper disposal.


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