I would like to receive a postcard

I want to have a postcard pen pal, in fact

I would like at least one postcard I receive to be haggard when it arrives in my mailbox, perhaps coffee-stained or with a footprint, as if it had undergone an arduous journey

Before sending my postcards, I would first enjoy purchasing them, as well as buying the stamps because I may even procure fancy or unique ones

I would like to fill an entire postcard with 1- and 2-cent stamps until reaching the total required for delivery, and that would constitute my correspondence

I also would enjoy at some point being torn as to whether to write to my pen pal or the postal worker delivering the message, being as postcards just cry out to be read by whoever happens to see them

It takes discipline to not read a postcard

Especially because they demand conciseness

Despite that, the postcards I send may in fact contain poems or short-short fiction, maybe even something involving a postal employee

Or they may include a series of deliberately incoherent sentences, or sentences that are each deliberately out of context

Which is the way most life events occur, anyway

Or so it seems

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