Pizzeria notes

“After you get surgery, they want you to stop livin’,” the heavy-set pizzeria owner said to a fellow Clemenza eating a slice w/ meatball toppings.

At a nearby table sat a 60-something-year-old pony-tailed man in sandals, this time of year.

Guy behind the counter near the oven a 30-ish Italian male. Somber yet attractive, with dancer’s body & boyish good looks, a la Derek Jeter.

Short, dark-haired waitress who looked like Liza Minnelli.

The Godfather poster hanging in rear dining area.

Rasta couple at table informed that chicken toppings on their pie would be $5 more. Couple shrugs it off and gets it anyway. Waitress returns smiling and reports she convinced the owner to cut the price to $2.50. Waitress said she herself took issue w/ the cost.

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