Day with a late beat poet

inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s beard:

i would have loved to have shared a pot
of espresso with Allen Ginsberg
to have touched his wild beard
when we grew cozy enuf
to have glimpsed his teeth while he spoke
were they caffeine- and nicotine-stained?
i would have loved to have gotten stoned
on his bookish intonations
to have listened to his musical rattlings
on machines and capitalism and the biggest cock
to have watched him smoke and then
crush the butt in a overloaded tin ashtray,
lifting a match to light another
before the molten glow of his last one fizzled
to have sat with him barefoot and cross-legged
on my living room floor
our voices straining toward
the threshold of dawn
to have seen him the following
afternoon, hunched over my stove
watching a bobbing egg in boiling water
then eating it shamelessly before moving on
to bump into another kindred soul

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