Three thoughts

1) Vegas Pampas Elegy —
A stalk of pampas grass in proud bloom
dislodged and strewn on the lawn by the gazebo
like a cocktail toothpick the hue of cigarette smoke —
cast by a wind that blew through town
like a drunken tourist who later lays down
done with and alone

2) Web —
Web woven so magnanimously —
just like the work of bees or ants
Meticulous & time-consuming
and it turns out to be
this intricate miracle
that some might think
is a mere tangle of string

3) How the Nose Knows —
If you could still smell something
but not in a literal sense
do you say you can smell it
in your noses’s eye
(like in your mind’s eye)?
Or is the nose not equipped
with such faculties?
Because in my mind
we are talking about
the same mental facet
in either case, it seems to me
Or maybe it’s nasal memory?

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