Outdoor urbanite

eco-poetry oh is
that what it is called
earlier a twig did snap
beneath my sneaker

i followed 2 old ladies
to learn a new park loop
stretched to the periphery
out by montessouri street

for once i walked well past
the squeaky pedestrian bridge
and along the chalky drainage basin
near the drought-stricken ball field

it was so new to me
i took photos of the RV park
someone’s yard with a lot of junk
just over the concrete barrier wall


a pressed dandelion was found
inside the hardcover contemporary
American poetry anthology edited by
A. Poulin Jr. and Michael Waters


I studied Richard McGuire’s
sequential drawings —
a flamingo a sunrise
a wind-battered tree
bird cages and a butterfly
and bee on a runway;
an abandoned bike on a
route in the inner city
without a front tire.

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