today was like this

I’m so bored of reality
Nobody does anything interesting
Why do I always have to be the one to bring perspective?
I am burnt out on perspective
It’s time for the world to act
Mister, let me see what you are thinking
There’s got to be something compelling in that brain of yours
What about the smiling redhead who was sitting across from me just a second ago?
I wonder what she had on her mind

To avoid my routine, I head to a cafe I’ve never been to before
When I arrive there is nowhere reasonable to sit, but at least the crowd looks literary, if not just nerdy
I smush myself into the corner on what looks like a park bench, only with butt-sized cushions, and thank goodness there are enough people here for me to become invisible
I order a cafe Americano with an extra shot and ask the obligatory question (what’s the wifi password?)
Then I sit down, try to get comfy on the wooden plank
I note that everything here is a photo opp with a sort of beatnik aesthetic, so I snap a few of my coffee and the crowd and check in on Facebook
I take a few sips, crack open my notebook and think maybe if this doesn’t work then the only thing left to do is to become unhinged
I begin to wonder whether one can go insane by choice
I figure I would at least be in the right place since the cafe is named The Madhouse Coffee

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