My bicycle is my primary ride

I had a sort of outdoorsy conversion experience a couple of months ago after a drunk driver plowed into my beloved Nissan Versa and splattered it like a pinata all over the road near my house, leaving it totaled.

My awakening, so to speak, didn’t stem from the fact that I had a near-death experience or anything of that sort. In fact, the collision occurred at around 3 a.m. when I was in my bed sleeping. No, my shift was driven by my subsequently becoming a pedestrian / bus commuter, and then, soon after, a bicyclist — by choice, meaning I opted against getting another car.

I am finding lately that I have a lot to say about pedaling my way around, particularly from a metaphysical perspective. Needless to say that bicycling for me is not about acquiring the latest and greatest gear or racking up miles.

After I lost my vehicle, I of course began to enjoy the liberation from car and insurance payments. But not only that, I started to connect to my community at a deeper level, as well as relish the meditative aspect of getting around in a non-motorized way.

Running errands became a lot more about the travel experience itself, rather than accomplishing whatever given task. I’ve also been enjoying a more enriched sense of sovereignty being on a bike — something I plan to discuss more here in the future.

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