Sporadic notes on cultural icons

Oscar Wilde was editor of Woman’s World magazine, 1887-89. He also championed conventional attire for men.

John Lennon wore white. Fashion magazines will sometimes run his pic.

During an interview, a tidily dressed David Bowie did a good rendition of Lennon, voice-wise. It was abrupt but went over well.

Allen Ginsberg played finger cymbals and wore black. Ginsberg had a knack for mantra, and children loved him.

Was William Carlos Williams swallowed up by the forest? (The doctor chuckles as he sinks into the white beyond.) Maybe it was a happy death?

Patti Smith said I can go and live in the woods after all. You have to die somewhere. No one will see, but it may be cold and wet while looking for a lean-to. Embrace the suck.

Alternatively, if you keep moving along the trail, you may never perish. This is a strong reason to thru-hike. Die when there is so much to look at?

Outside is as black as Mr. Williams’ tie — this page like his rumpled shirt.

In an essay, Allen Ginsberg mentioned taking mescaline and also that he wrote “Howl” aided by peyote.

In an interview, Patti Smith mentioned the importance of daydreaming and said most people these days are too preoccupied with their cellphones. She pointed out, though, that she was not condemning technology.

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