Table for one

i saw an older man come out of the movie theater next door with two older women. one looked like betty white. the man had a golf cap on. watching their gait as they left the theater (they walked as if all were not lost), i knew they were about to mosey in to grab a bite.

the man, and i’m not sure if it was because he had pain somewhere, but he took a good 10 seconds to get in his seat at the restaurant. but then he carried on conversation with commanding gestures, as if a former politician or CEO, or a member of toastmasters international.

there was another man, middleaged, at a nearby table whom i found funny. he had a wool hat smushed down over his brows and touching his black-rimmed glasses, and he wore a puffy jacket. he was literally standing near his seat, patiently putting noodles in his bowl from a family style order of soup, and then meticulously selecting vegetables and tidbits of fish with a small ladle. when he was done, i thought he’d sit down to enjoy the fruits of his labor, but he handed his bowl to his wife to eat, which i thought was sweet.

i ordered spicy eggplant with shrimp, spice level 4/10. when i paid the bill, i felt magnanimous because i left a $5 tip, but i figured the food was consistently great at this place, and i wanted to support local thai food.

Physical & mental state

I feel extraordinarily relaxed. My heart is calm.

I resumed exercising 2 weeks ago. I sweat while running. Now my legs can rest.

I feel put, like a plant on a bookshelf — inert but alive and thriving.

I eat clean and efficient. Nothing extraneous. I’ve removed noodles, bread and rice from my diet.

I shop for lofty food — leafy greens and avocados, beans, garlic and onion, fruit, nuts and raisins, pesto for lettuce wraps.

I improvise a recipe of shredded carrot and black beans, tzatziki sauce, cucumber and red onion. Chopped romaine, feta and chickpeas.