Backlash from wallet and chain

I got a smart-aleck remark yesterday on Facebook. It was in response to a status update I wrote about ordering a wallet and chain. The person quipped that I should get a mullet to complete the look. Heh.

Today should be interesting because I’m wearing it to work. It arrived on Sunday in the mail. I posted about it and put up a photo of it here on my blog, along with some thoughts on its symbolic references.

It’s interesting to me that I feel somewhat like I’m violating a gender norm by having a chain dangling on the side of my pants and having a bulge showing in my back pocket.

Wallet & chain with conspicuous snaps

Yes, I ordered a wallet & chain. Not that I have much to put inside. It’s more the appearance that’s appealing. I like what it projects.It’s not refined or soft like the traditional feminine aesthetic, nor is it demure. The chain denotes power. And the best part is the bulge in the back pocket — perhaps a reference to the male crotch, or a simulation of it. Perhaps even a distortion of it.