The psychedelic dentist

I fancied that the large sign mounted on high along Jones Boulevard advertised for a cosmic dentist. A streetlight had obstructed the “et” in the word cosmetic.

The doc himself was pictured alongside the enormous text, laughing, seemingly at me, as if I had purple skin and multiple heads, maybe six eyes.

I sat at the red light and imagined that the doc provided magic mushrooms or peyote to his patients in lieu of laughing gas or procaine.

In the age of air-hugs

With covid upon us, my weight spikes like virus cases in the U.S., but sometimes I wake up early enough to take walks

With covid, I do switch to the opposite side of the street if I see you coming my way, mask or not

With covid, I sometimes will watch a bus go by as I walk, and I realize that the driver must be as brave as first responders

With covid, many folks risk their lives to make ends meet

Although with covid, our economy sucks

And nothing is really changing to adapt for future, similar challenges, such as another global pandemic

Meanwhile, with covid, even being a consumer can be as sketchy as being in an ER, such as if you make an unnecessary run to the bookstore or go to the salon to get your nails done

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12 ways to seem intelligent

  1. Even though you might be half-witted, strive to use the word “repartee” when possible.
  2. Practice your chronic regurgitation of facts and opinions in the mirror to add an element of authenticity.
  3. If nothing else, avoid reading genre fiction in view of highbrow crowds.
  4. If you happen to meet someone named Margot, seize the opportunity and point out the connection to the love interest in Nabokov’s “Laughter in the Dark.”
  5. Drop the name Dostoevsky into a conversation—then spell it if necessary; spell necessary, as well.
  6. In fact, mention any canonical Russian author or classical composer and be ready with at least one example of their work, cited from your Google search.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the term “de rigueur.” It is always fashionable.
  8. Let on that you listen to podcasts instead of audiobooks — particularly podcasts made possible in part by grants and foundations.
  9. Plant a lived-in copy of a recent New York Times edition in a conspicuous spot in your home when you’re expecting guests.
  10. Hang out at Whole Foods Market. If using the restroom there, choose the hand dryer over the towel dispenser — and then quip, “When in Rome,” to any and all bystanders.
  11. Throw on a pair of Izipizi readers and eat some vegan pho.
  12. Know the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. Show off by explaining this to any clueless carnivores.

7 quick truths

  1. No one who truly likes to read would organize books based on their color.
  2. Those who use the term “It’s all good” are most likely masochists. This is perhaps a result of institutionalization.
  3. If you’re the type who backs into a parking space, then you are not living in the now. Practice presence and pull in front first.
  4. Sentences of doom many times start with, “By the way.”
  5. “By the way” is a passive-aggressive conversation segue.
  6. When innocently uttered, “By the way” is just lazy or tactless.
  7. The phrase also can be perceived as conversational efficiency.

Numbness and flying

I’ve always thought it would be nice to be placed under anesthesia before a plane ride. That way, you don’t have to fret over the prospect of crashing or face the slow-moving hours of flight.

Before you know it, you’re in Thailand.

Flying is like having surgery, anyway. After liftoff, the matter is out of your hands. You must rely on a tiny crew, with a single soul at the helm, and you must pray that they know what they’re doing.

You feel woozy at first (when gaining altitude), but then you just go numb, due in part to boredom — and maybe also desensitization. Meanwhile, the wings cut through the air like blades.

Hours later, you descend from the clouds and back to cold reality. Most likely you are feeling groggy and hungry. Or perhaps nauseous. As soon as you land, you call friends and loved ones to announce that you’ve made it through.

This and that

Lagrime San Pietro for the sublime voices. Di Lasso madrigals. Better with snowfall in barren winter but still above-average lovely.


Can cannibalism save the planet?
Would you eat a Republican
to help curtail climate change?


It’s a perfect day and age
to talk to yourself.
Bluetooth as a ruse —
a bum component wedged
in one’s ear allows one
to carry on in public