nosy cats & human sex

Cats notoriously assume they can paw or gnaw at anything that hangs or protrudes.

I can’t have sex while my cat is watching. I have to lock her out of my bedroom before things even get going. Tho she’ll nearly always scratch or push against the door or else start in with her meowing — maybe even break or rip something in another part of the house in retaliation. Just don’t let me hear it, is all I ask in those instances. Continue reading “nosy cats & human sex”

bare back

I was thinking about a woman i dated, the one i met online, whose back was what really attracted me initially. it was the first part of her anatomy i saw bare, & the image of it was posted on the website through which we met.

it was what she used as her profile pic, in fact. in it, she faced away from the camera & had her head down & off to the side, which placed more emphasis on the bones & curves of her slender back & the small tattoo of a star on her right shoulder. loud & clear, her christlike pose said, here is my body. Continue reading “bare back”

the bubble bath

Maddie lounged in the Roman-style tub, rich, foamy bubbles creeping up over her legs and rising near her nether regions as the stupid old prosecuting attorney lurked just behind the half-open door.

A large man height- and weight-wise who was balding and had a comb-over — gray and wheat-colored strands sprawled across his glossy scalp — he stood there in a blue dress shirt and pressed gray slacks with black shoes, making clumsy, failed attempts at idle chit-chat in his semi-appealing Texas accent.   Continue reading “the bubble bath”