The title of this

I thought I would just sit here and have a coffee
I thought I would eavesdrop on a Las Vegas woman who went on about her Yankees hat
I thought I would try not to spend money
I thought I would stick my nose up at a Starbucks cup
I thought the man next to me would have nothing else better to do
I thought I would fall short of solutions
I thought I would be out of things to say
I thought I would just read about owls
I thought I would photograph the clouds
I thought I would think about David Sedaris
I thought I would read Leo Tolstoy quotes
I thought I would just stare into my empty coffee cup

Some informalities

i cannt remembr
i cannt remembr the lst thng
i rote i am w/ out a jurnl
i hve only my brane whch
is aslep i cud thnk only of
thngs i wnt i wnt a type-
writr there r kullers i wnt
here r books in frnt of me i wnt


behind the couch
behind the couch gets messy due to __________.
the bird lands on a disastrous wing and …
(the rest is fill in the void)


in a dream
in a dream i asked u if u were reddy
for me? and your were speechless
i do not know what happens much
afterward you are susceptible to
a neck bite?? i am cradling ur pony
tail i find a watermelon that is
wet, ripe & supple in early summer (duh)
i remember another dream where a
girl penetrated the flesh which
i may have seen on youtube
with her elegant finger & such