The title of this

I thought I would just sit here and have a coffee
I thought I would eavesdrop on a Las Vegas woman who went on about her Yankees hat
I thought I would try not to spend money
I thought I would stick my nose up at a Starbucks cup
I thought the man next to me would have nothing else better to do
I thought I would fall short of solutions
I thought I would be out of things to say
I thought I would just read about owls
I thought I would photograph the clouds
I thought I would think about David Sedaris
I thought I would read Leo Tolstoy quotes
I thought I would just stare into my empty coffee cup

Some informalities

i cannt remembr
i cannt remembr the lst thng
i rote i am w/ out a jurnl
i hve only my brane whch
is aslep i cud thnk only of
thngs i wnt i wnt a type-
writr there r kullers i wnt
here r books in frnt of me i wnt


behind the couch
behind the couch gets messy due to __________.
the bird lands on a disastrous wing and …
(the rest is fill in the void)


in a dream
in a dream i asked u if u were reddy
for me? and your were speechless
i do not know what happens much
afterward you are susceptible to
a neck bite?? i am cradling ur pony
tail i find a watermelon that is
wet, ripe & supple in early summer (duh)
i remember another dream where a
girl penetrated the flesh which
i may have seen on youtube
with her elegant finger & such

Luminous flux

when the brave years
that opened my eyes
as I arrived in lux illuminance
braved open, caved open years
upon innocence
and astonishment

My brave
eyes, years and open
now caved innocence
formed an abject immortal
type of creative luminous
flux of emittance