I like the idea of Prague — the way the word looks; the way it’s spelled and the way it sounds.

I am largely Prague-illiterate, other than knowing it’s in the Czech Republic and that it’s the birthplace of one of my favorite authors (Milan Kundera).

I have an Everyman’s Library anthology titled Prague that’s on my TBR shelf.

3 words

I love the word “strata.” Powerful considering its compactness and all it implies.

I dislike “tethered” because it is contrived. Who do you know who can say it without reprisal?

An age cutoff should apply for the slang “any-who.” Adults who use it should be embarrassed. It is cute only if you are 9.

Phrase of the day

It’s not merry Christmas or happy holidays or have a nice Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. It’s:

Unidentified driving object.

Because I see more than my fair share of dicey, ambiguous-looking vehicles on the road here in Las Vegas. Trucks held together with twine & such. Rickety automobiles in danger of collapsing in a cloud of dust & smoke like the occasional hotel-casino implosions here in town.

> sexy words

What words can you toss into everyday conversation to sexually cajole the person with whom you are chit-chatting?

“It’s so. Hard,” the fuckin’ fox explained emphatically, jerking her hand up and down slowly while saying it, her juicy smile wide across her distractingly beautiful face.

In reality, she was pantomiming knife jabs because her and I were discussing peanut butter — when it gets so hard that you can barely even penetrate it with a utensil. But that was not the thought that went through my head as I watched her.

Do you drop words like beat, pound gooey, meat, hard, pump, juicy, moist, flesh, cream? Do you wag phrases like “I love meat”; “Why don’t you try pumping it”; “I like a lot of cream”; “I have to get some meat”; “I love when it’s moist and juicy”??