Classical likes

For those who enjoy a good dose of baroque music, I’d like to recommend Gabrielli & Scarlatti: Complete Cello Works, by Guadalupe López-Íñiguez. It is quite exquisite…

If you’re into supporting women classical musicians like I am, then also check out the following:

  • J.S. Bach: French Suites — Chopin: Mazurkas, by Alexandra Sostmann
  • A Chopin Diary (Complete Nocturnes), by Claire Huangci
  • Vivaldi: Complete Cello Sonatas, by Ophélie Gaillard
  • The Baroque Harp, by Judy Loman
  • The Genius of Salzedo, by Judy Loman
  • Anything by pianist Yuja Wang

Love for Baroque

No orchestral grandioso. I like little things come questo:
Prelude for Lute in C Minor, Bwv 1006a by J.S. Bach
Tiny nylon-string notes floating around the neck, across frets
barely registering in the great concert hall of the cosmos
slow pizzicato, tempos ranging from larghetto to marcia moderato