Thoughts on consumption

I wish I had some popcorn. Maybe I will eat some pretzels in lieu of it. But that would practically be like eating rice cakes instead of what you really fancy.

I like eating popcorn because you can eat a lot of it with little consequence. (Except when you bite down on a kernel). And the repetitiveness of it — popping one fluffy piece after the other — takes your mind off things.

I wonder how much popcorn you would have to eat to actually get full. A pound or two? At any rate, I don’t have any.


A customer is casting a spell at the Starbucks counter. Listen to her conjure. The barista is spellbound! The pastries, they glaze over…

wasted on words

Fake bonsai and ferns
in aluminium buckets
Here students gather
by the bunch buried in books
altho voices r barely audible
over the club music songs
Her working in a sundress
Him in a cashmere shortsleeve
Them in their jeans arrayed
like ducks by the barista
And the woman next to me
her hair hung low over her eyes
she’s now studying a flavor wheel
What is the name of this song?
I’d like to take the interview
in this chapter and donate it
back to the trees by the drive-thru