Sporadic notes on cultural icons

Oscar Wilde was editor of Woman’s World magazine, 1887-89. He also championed conventional attire for men.

John Lennon wore white. Fashion magazines will sometimes run his pic.

During an interview, a tidily dressed David Bowie did a good rendition of Lennon, voice-wise. It was abrupt but went over well.

Allen Ginsberg played finger cymbals and wore black. Ginsberg had a knack for mantra, and children loved him.

Was William Carlos Williams swallowed up by the forest? (The doctor chuckles as he sinks into the white beyond.) Maybe it was a happy death? Continue reading “Sporadic notes on cultural icons”


I am reminded of Bowie today as I walk about in mismatched spa socks. Wear clashing articles of clothing to work day should be a thing. At my job they have different themes for dressing down: They had one recently with go as your personal hero day. Which would be perfectly appropriate for me: my two different species worn with my blue genus.