gender u.

  • How to sneeze like a femme
  • The gender of sneezing
  • Sneezing like a princess
  • How to sneeze like a cat
  • How to hock a loogie in a demure way
  • The feminine way to fart
  • What to do with your arms when you’re sitting
  • What to do with your hands when you’re in a relaxed position
  • The belch of a woman
  • Feet flat on the floor vs. leg crossed

> the p-bomb


I’ve opted against switching out the word panties for undergarments because it would be like a wizard or a witch giving up their magic wand it’s what the P-bomb conjures sexually in people’s minds that generates the social alarm it denotes feminine power stupid cultural norms then i thought here we go again with the feminist sex wars westerners are such assholes morons puritans around words or phenomena such as penis and panties and porn what about jock strap they act like 9-year-olds or members of the sisters of our heavenly father absolve us all but still you will never tell your pastor that you embrace your inner libertine know-it-all and love a good downfall he would call you a slut for getting caught on your bare knees by the bouncer on the filthy floor of a dive bar’s men’s room stall or getting finger fucked in the corner so what if you smoked pot too once why not admit it to your conversation-starved colleague who himself is an aspiring warlord and what about the gangster cartel in the backroom office of your employer, huh??