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I recently blew the dust from my old OKCupid account. Updated my info & pics. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my sexual orientation, my profile page makes me sound overeager — slutty, even. Right at the top, it says I am looking for “everyone,” being as I am bisexual. Couldn’t it just say I was looking for men and women? It sounds a little more selective. Or even better, men and especially women.

For the most part, the men on OKCupid don’t exactly know how to impress the ladies. They have goofy profile pics and sometimes even goofier names. One man chose to present himself to potential love interests as “pigblanket,” and another picked “lovemeorseduceme.”

Regardless, about 43 potential suitors have messaged me over the past four days. Mostly men. Some highlights of what we’re dealing with here: Tjjones8 wrote: Continue reading “> online dating”